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Tablet & Mobile Responsive

All of our latest Custom Weebly Templates are fully responsive, meaning mobile visitors don’t have to miss out on the amazing style and functionality of our templates.

weebly template updates

Regular Template Updates

We are proactive about our Custom Weebly Templates. If we find out about a bug in a template we’ll jump on it quickly. We’re also always thinking of new ways to improve our Templates, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

dedicated members area

Dedicated Members Area

Every customer that purchases one of our custom Weebly templates will be given access to a members only support portal where you can access an ever growing resource of FAQ’s, Tutorials and our Ticketing System to ask any questions you may have.

public knowledge base

Public Information

Our site offers a publicly available resource called Webfire Community, as well as a blog that will be regularly updated with great tips and tricks for everyone from Newbies to Developers.

weebly widgets

Custom Weebly Widgets

We could maximize our profits and charge you more for the widgets included in our custom Weebly Templates… BUT WE DON’T… Every template comes included with a full set of widgets, all of which are custom designed to work with your theme, for no extra cost.

weebly widget builder

WIDG – Widget Generator

WIDG is a Fully Interactive Live Weebly Widget Generator and Builder that is setup specifically for the widgets that come with our templates. It allows you to build and customize your widgets, whilst getting a live preview of what the widget will look like, then when you’re ready you can hit the “generate code” button and it gives you the HTML code you need to paste into the weebly “embed code” element.
Check out the WIDG

Thousands of happy customers!

Having an interactive website is a definite advantage when it comes to impressing your visitors and keeping them on your website longer. We all like good looking websites – it’s vain, but true – and ‘Webfire Themes’ can help you achieve this. With the most outstanding support and knowledge to back this up, it’s a no brainer when choosing a powerful template from the many different companies that offer this. I Guarantee you will be impressed and I will be back

The support team at Webfire Themes is AMAZING! We experienced an issue on a newer template they provided and they went well above and beyond what is normally experienced. Kudos to you for a job well done.

Webfire not only provides a canvas for web creators, but also gives a technical support team to back you up on your mission. Upload, tweak and publish a winning website with the tools needed that you can be proud showing off. No matter what project I am working on, I remain having backend support with my creations, all thanks to Webfire!

I have all the webfire themes, if you use Weebly you need a webfire theme, nothing else matches, great customer service, support and themes. I love all the extra widgets you get with them….keep the themes coming!