Another new Weebly theme! Optima 2 is released

2nd November 2016 - By 

It’s not been long since we released our brand new Theme “Kudos” but in the wake of Weebly 4 we decided it was time to give Optima a complete redesign, and as such Optima 2 is born.

Although you may see some mild resemblance to the old, and much loved Optima theme (which is now sadly discontinued as it was just a little out of date for the latest and greatest Weebly Themes we’ve got up for sale) we’ve given the theme a whole new design, and basically rebuilt it from the ground up. In some ways you could say this is a reincarnation of Optima, rather than an update!

This new theme has been developed with the new Weebly 4 platform in mind. It has header types that are fully compatible with all of the new drag and drop functionality, including the new Weebly Headers, and Weebly Sections.


As part of the re-development of Optima 2 we’ve also geared it up to be aimed at eCommerce (although can still be used for any type of multi-page website)

A note to all the old-school Optima users out there. The old and now discontinued version of Optima (the Original Optima theme) will still work perfectly well, and the download is still available for existing customers if you need to download it again, Also the dedicated instructions website has not been changed, we’ve just taken it off the shelves for new customers.

As far as the new Optima 2 is concerned, I’m sure you’re all going to love it… This theme looks amazing, works efficiently and is one hell of a eCommerce Weebly Template.

Be sure to take a look at the full list of features and if you want to see what we’ve created using this theme, take a look at the demo website

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