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Webfire Themes Announces Kudos, A brand New Weebly Template

21st October 2016 - By 

It’s finally here, a brand new Webfire Theme has arrived, and it’s a great one! We’d like to formally announce the release of Kudos.

Kudos is a simplistic, Lightweight, clean and stylish Weebly Template that has been designed to give your website a subtle but powerful edge.

Kudos hasn’t been overloaded with ton’s of custom gadgetry that although looks stunning, can distract your visitors from the message you are trying to get across. Instead we’ve gone for the slick and minimal styling that will only enhance your website.

Developed as a Weebly 4 compatible Template, so you can make the most of the latest Weebly features, including Dynamic Headers and drag and drop sections, this is the most user friendly theme we’ve ever created, making full use of all Weebly features.

As you’d expect, we’ve packed all of the normal goodies in with Kudos, including a custom zoom slider header and 8 stunning widgets, all of which can be built using our intuitive tool, the WIDG.

The best thing about Kudos is how versatile it is. You can pretty much use it for any type of website, from a portfolio, to Commerce

Take a look at this demo website we created using Kudos and you’ll soon see how cool it is!



Kudos, a Clean, Simple and Stunning Weebly Template. Kudos is one of our latest generation of Creative Weebly templates that will help you elevate your website and showcase your business and services. This user friendly template is not only fully compatible with the latest Weebly 4 features, it’s also loaded with several header types, unique

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Weebly Sections Now Enabled – Awesome Hey?

22nd September 2016 - By 

Weebly Sections Enabled on Templates from Webfire Themes

So.. A few weeks back we released our first themes to use the new Weebly Sections feature, but because Weebly hadn’t rolled this out to their own themes at this point we didn’t make a big song and dance of it.

However, you’ll be glad to know. Weebly have now fully rolled out Weebly Sections, along with a load of other new features and coined it “Weebly4”

What are Weebly Sections?

If you weren’t already aware, this new feature lets you drag and drop entirely new sections into your page, then drag content into that section, give it a background image, give it a solid color and even give it a video background

Weebly sections are going to be a revolution in the way we develop new themes, they open up so many doors and will give the ablity to create websites that really go to the next level… Our themes will be more lightweight and these new features allow us to deliver the amazing custom functionality that you love in a much better way.

So far, the following Premium Weebly Themes designed by Webfire Themes are setup to work with Sections:


Parallax Multi

Parallax Dark


Holeon Light

We will be spending the next few months updating new themes as well as designing a brand new theme for you “Kudos” which will take full advantage of the new features in Weebly4


Parallax Updates Notification – Full Parallax Range Updated

25th August 2016 - By 


Earlier today (much earlier today), when most people were either in the pub or sleeping. We were updating Parallax to version 5.1

Today we’ve been working hard to finish off the Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi update and they have both just been released.

As Parallax Dark and parallax multi afre just variations of the standard parallax theme, we won’t repeat ourselves. Just take a look at yesterdays post for more information

So to summarize…

Parallax, Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi all now have the following new features:

  • Theme Options – Options in the weebly dashboard that will let you customize the theme without touching code
  • Improved Color Palette – The ability to change the entire theme’s color scheme by just changing a few color values (rather than going through an entire css file)
  • New Sections Feature released by weebly Just this week, is compatible with our theme.

Use Parallax Today to have the First Ever Custom Premium Weebly Theme that uses the new Weebly Sections feature!


NEWS! Premium Weebly Theme Parallax 5.1 released, including amazing new features.

25th August 2016 - By 

Yesterday we posted about the latest feature in Weebly “Sections”, which will give you the ability to drag and drop sections into your page. (COOL HUH)

Within a few hours of the news being sent out by Weebly we had several people asking when the “Sections” Feature would be working in our Premium Weebly Themes.

As per our last communication, we are working round the clock to update our themes to include this feature, and as of about 10 minutes ago We updated Parallax (Standard only) with the ability to use the “Sections” feature.

There are a load of other cool features we’ve also added to the theme including:

  • Enabling the “Sections” feature
  • Adding Theme Options which will give you the ability to customise the theme via the Weebly Dashboard
  • Adding Color Pallette which will make changing the color scheme a lot easier
  • Added up to 48 portfolio items on the portfolio filter (previously 12)
  • Enabled all of the standard Weebly social icons.

To see what else we’ve done in this update, the change log is at the bottom of the Parallax Product Page

Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi will be released shortly.