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Parallax Updates Notification – Full Parallax Range Updated

25th August 2016 - By 


Earlier today (much earlier today), when most people were either in the pub or sleeping. We were updating Parallax to version 5.1

Today we’ve been working hard to finish off the Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi update and they have both just been released.

As Parallax Dark and parallax multi afre just variations of the standard parallax theme, we won’t repeat ourselves. Just take a look at yesterdays post for more information

So to summarize…

Parallax, Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi all now have the following new features:

  • Theme Options – Options in the weebly dashboard that will let you customize the theme without touching code
  • Improved Color Palette – The ability to change the entire theme’s color scheme by just changing a few color values (rather than going through an entire css file)
  • New Sections Feature released by weebly Just this week, is compatible with our theme.

Use Parallax Today to have the First Ever Custom Premium Weebly Theme that uses the new Weebly Sections feature!


NEWS! Premium Weebly Theme Parallax 5.1 released, including amazing new features.

25th August 2016 - By 

Yesterday we posted about the latest feature in Weebly “Sections”, which will give you the ability to drag and drop sections into your page. (COOL HUH)

Within a few hours of the news being sent out by Weebly we had several people asking when the “Sections” Feature would be working in our Premium Weebly Themes.

As per our last communication, we are working round the clock to update our themes to include this feature, and as of about 10 minutes ago We updated Parallax (Standard only) with the ability to use the “Sections” feature.

There are a load of other cool features we’ve also added to the theme including:

  • Enabling the “Sections” feature
  • Adding Theme Options which will give you the ability to customise the theme via the Weebly Dashboard
  • Adding Color Pallette which will make changing the color scheme a lot easier
  • Added up to 48 portfolio items on the portfolio filter (previously 12)
  • Enabled all of the standard Weebly social icons.

To see what else we’ve done in this update, the change log is at the bottom of the Parallax Product Page

Parallax Dark and Parallax Multi will be released shortly.


Important Information about Weebly Sections!

23rd August 2016 - By 

Hi all,

Today (or soon) you will be receiving an email from Weebly updating you about their new features (Weebly Sections).

Firstly, this is a SUPER COOL update and new feature they’re bringing out that is going to really change weebly. The feature itself is going to give the ability to add drag and drop sections into your page and ultimately make your website come to life.

Currently this is only going to be available in a small amount of the free weebly themes available and they are working to update their themes over the next month to get them all setup for sections.

The important thing is. In the email it states that themes that have been customized (or custom themes) will not have this feature.

This is because Weebly can only roll out this update to the default Weebly themes.

We will however, over the next month or two be rolling out updates to all of our flagship themes to include the Sections functionality, so please bear with us while we prepare for this.

The potential for your website when using a Webfire Theme in addition to the new Weebly Sections is going to be unreal, and you’re going to love it.

Just to give you some insight, the plan is going to be to have the pre-built/custom homepage sections as you currently get, but in addition all other non-homepage headers will have the sections capability, giving you so much power and the ability to design your own homepage layouts from our themes rather than being restricted to the pre-defined versions.

We thank you for your patience while we update our themes… Watch this space!



Mini Update – Holeon V.2.1

7th August 2016 - By 

Good Evening people!

Just a really quick note to say, we’ve just made a mini update to Holeon… (Now Holeon 2.1)

This update was literally to add a new option into the option panel which allows you to hide the contact bar sitting at the top of the footer.4

Check out how many options this theme has now as well as all the other great features


If you do not wish to hide this independently or have no real use for the option there is no need to update…

If you do wish to use this feature but have made lots of customization and do not wish to do the update, please raise a ticket and we can make the change for you.

Have a great, rest of the weekend!


Great news! Holeon Standard has been updated to V.2.0

1st August 2016 - By 

Hi Gang!

Recently we updated Holeon Light to version 2.0 to include the all new “Theme Options” as well as other great new features that make the theme easier to use.

Well, we’ve just released the same set of updates to the Holeon Standard Template

Just to recap. Holeon (and Holeon Light) now have some new features, including:

  • Options Panel – Allowing you to manage sections and other parts of your website directly from the Weebly dashboard.
  • Color Pallette – This all-new feature allows you to customize the color scheme for your website by simply changing a list of color codes rather than going through a large css file like before

We have also made some additions to the instructions website to make it more understandable as well as some minor bug fixes.

Holeon is now easier than ever to use and just as stylish as it always has been!


Holeon Light has been updated with some amazing new features.

21st July 2016 - By 

Holeon Light v2.0

The time has come where our themes are stepping up (again) to a whole new level.

Holeon Light is our flagship theme for the new features we’ve added but all new themes will include the same great features moving forward and our older themes will also be updated over the next few months too.

This is something Weebly have only just made formally available to theme developers and we’ve been testing it for some time. The great news is, and we’re so happy to tell you, Holeon Light now contains theme options.

Our Theme options allow you to control the main aspects of the homepage, such as hiding different sections, changing the header caption orientation, the amount of portfolio items, and much more.

Weebly Theme Options

Something else we’ve added is a new method for changing the color scheme.. We were getting a lot of people having difficulty, so we’ve literally taken it as far as possible to make it easier.

The color scheme now uses the weebly color palette options. This still requires you to go into the css if you require to make changes to the default color scheme, but there is simply a list of color codes that can be changed ( rather than going through 500+ lines of css), Each line is commented out and is much easier.

weebly color settings

For a full list of what we’ve done, check out the change log (at the bottom) on the Holeon Light product page:

To see a demonstration of the kind of website you could make with this theme, check out the Holeon Light Demo Website: