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Webfire Themes bringing 2017 in with a bang!

4th January 2017 - By 

Dear Readers,

Firstly we really hope you had a chance to kick back and relax over Christmas and New Year.. We took our first official holiday as Webfire Themes and despite it being really hard for us to keep away from the keyboard, we turned off, shut up shop and relaxed for the week…

It gave us some time to think about what we’re going to do as we hit 2017.

The good news for you is, we’re going to bring you tons of new themes, all making the most of weebly 4…

The first thing you’ll be seeing a new theme released called Gecko. This is going to make use of Weebly 4 more than any other theme we have on the marketplace today.. Not only will it have theme Options, but the core color scheme will be selectable through the options panel.

This means, unless you want to heavily customize the color scheme, you’ll be able to do everything from the Weebly control Panel.

We also mentioned recently that we’ll be launching a new website soon. This is still on track, but we’re not rushing anything, We want the new site to be easy to navigate, full of all the key information you need, presented well and showing off everything Weebly has to offer along with our Themes.

As a tribute to Weebly and how much we love it, we’re taking the leap and building our new website in Weebly… This was never something we’ve been able to do in the past due to the lack of advanced functionality, but with the latest Weebly 4 release, it just goes to show how far Weebly have come along.

This is going to mean some changes in the way we do things, and our purchasing structure will change slightly, however any existing customers will still be able to log into the old site and use their download credits up, so there’s nothing to worry about.

We’re really excited about 2017, and have got a lot of work to do, but beyond all of the challenges that have been thrown at us in the past few months with everything in Weebly changing, we’re still the best Premium Weebly provider out there, and don’t plan on that changing.

If you haven’t already purchased a theme with us, then take a look at what we’ve got to offer… With one of our themes, and a bit of time on your website, you can really take things to the next level.

We wish you an amazing 2017 and as always would like to thank everyone that has purchased one of our themes. We wouldn’t be where we are now without you!


Webfire Festive Discount – Christmas is here!

22nd November 2016 - By 

Weebly Template Discount from Webfire Themes. It’s been a tough year at Webfire Themes. We’ve been working hard to update our themes to Weebly 4, bring some new Premium Weebly Themes out as well as in the process of bringing you a brand new website.

We have been that busy that we didn’t even see Christmas coming, and next thing you know, it’s getting colder outside, The toy shops are stocked up, and after a tough 2016 everyone is looking forward to relaxing with family, food and a few merry drinks.

Well, we’re no where near locking up the doors for Christmas ourselves, and have a big month ahead. None the less, we’re starting to feel the festivities and definitely getting in the mood.

To help you get into the mood, as well as celebrating Thanks giving, Christmas and to see 2016 go out with a bang, we’re offering a Weebly Template Discount and are slashing our prices by 25% on all themes, until the end of 2016.

There’s no promo code here, we’ve literally slashed all of our prices.

This means, a standard license, normally priced $45, you’ll be getting it for $33.75, and the designer license (Normally $65) will only be $48.75

This Weebly Template Discount offer will expire on the 1st Jan 2017, so make the most of this exceptional offer today!


Webfire Themes Update

17th November 2016 - By 

The Webfire Themes team just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been up to recently, and what to expect in the coming months.

Weebly 4 Theme Updates & New Releases.

So… It’s been a busy few months in the office, as promised in one of our latest Blog posts, we are working to update all of our themes to be Weebly 4 compatible, ensuring they all have the relevant updates to make them work with the latest Weebly 4 features.

Including Custom headers, Weebly Sections and additional styling for the new Store features.

Well, we’re nearly at the point where we can say We’re 100% up to date with Weebly 4. In the process we’ve made some drastic changes, including the release of Optima 2 which is a completely revamped version of one of our best ever themes Optima.

The following themes are now 100% compatible with Weebly 4:

Within the next week or so, Dezine will be fully up to date, along with a bit of a face lift to make it more appealing to a larger audience.

New Themes in the pipeline

We’ve also got two new themes in the pipeline:

  • Restaurant – A feature packed theme designed for the restaurant/bar industry.
  • Gym-Sports – A lightweight, sleek and sexy Weebly Theme perfect for the fitness industry.

They are currently being put on ice for a little bit, while we work on getting our existing themes up to date, as well as the next big project…

Brand New Webfire Themes Website

Since the release of Weebly 4, and all the great new functionality available in the Store, we’re building a brand new website for Webfire Themes. We’re still planning things out, but if all goes as we hope it to, it is going to make life a lot simpler, for us and our customers.

Integrating everything into Weebly rather than using third party plugins to manage certain aspects of our site. This means you’ll be able to do everything from the same place, from access instructions, read our knowledge base and even log tickets with us.

As usual, special thanks to all of our customers for supporting Webfire Themes, and just being the great customers you are.

Here is a little sneak preview sssshhhhh! 😉


Another new Weebly theme! Optima 2 is released

2nd November 2016 - By 

It’s not been long since we released our brand new Theme “Kudos” but in the wake of Weebly 4 we decided it was time to give Optima a complete redesign, and as such Optima 2 is born.

Although you may see some mild resemblance to the old, and much loved Optima theme (which is now sadly discontinued as it was just a little out of date for the latest and greatest Weebly Themes we’ve got up for sale) we’ve given the theme a whole new design, and basically rebuilt it from the ground up. In some ways you could say this is a reincarnation of Optima, rather than an update!

This new theme has been developed with the new Weebly 4 platform in mind. It has header types that are fully compatible with all of the new drag and drop functionality, including the new Weebly Headers, and Weebly Sections.

As part of the re-development of Optima 2 we’ve also geared it up to be aimed at eCommerce (although can still be used for any type of multi-page website)

A note to all the old-school Optima users out there. The old and now discontinued version of Optima (the Original Optima theme) will still work perfectly well, and the download is still available for existing customers if you need to download it again, Also the dedicated instructions website has not been changed, we’ve just taken it off the shelves for new customers.

As far as the new Optima 2 is concerned, I’m sure you’re all going to love it… This theme looks amazing, works efficiently and is one hell of a eCommerce Weebly Template.

Be sure to take a look at the full list of features and if you want to see what we’ve created using this theme, take a look at the demo website


Webfire Themes Announces Kudos, A brand New Weebly Template

21st October 2016 - By 

It’s finally here, a brand new Webfire Theme has arrived, and it’s a great one! We’d like to formally announce the release of Kudos.

Kudos is a simplistic, Lightweight, clean and stylish Weebly Template that has been designed to give your website a subtle but powerful edge.

Kudos hasn’t been overloaded with ton’s of custom gadgetry that although looks stunning, can distract your visitors from the message you are trying to get across. Instead we’ve gone for the slick and minimal styling that will only enhance your website.

Developed as a Weebly 4 compatible Template, so you can make the most of the latest Weebly features, including Dynamic Headers and drag and drop sections, this is the most user friendly theme we’ve ever created, making full use of all Weebly features.

As you’d expect, we’ve packed all of the normal goodies in with Kudos, including a custom zoom slider header and 8 stunning widgets, all of which can be built using our intuitive tool, the WIDG.

The best thing about Kudos is how versatile it is. You can pretty much use it for any type of website, from a portfolio, to Commerce

Take a look at this demo website we created using Kudos and you’ll soon see how cool it is!


Weebly Sections Now Enabled – Awesome Hey?

22nd September 2016 - By 

Weebly Sections Enabled on Templates from Webfire Themes

So.. A few weeks back we released our first themes to use the new Weebly Sections feature, but because Weebly hadn’t rolled this out to their own themes at this point we didn’t make a big song and dance of it.

However, you’ll be glad to know. Weebly have now fully rolled out Weebly Sections, along with a load of other new features and coined it “Weebly4”

What are Weebly Sections?

If you weren’t already aware, this new feature lets you drag and drop entirely new sections into your page, then drag content into that section, give it a background image, give it a solid color and even give it a video background

Weebly sections are going to be a revolution in the way we develop new themes, they open up so many doors and will give the ablity to create websites that really go to the next level… Our themes will be more lightweight and these new features allow us to deliver the amazing custom functionality that you love in a much better way.

So far, the following Premium Weebly Themes designed by Webfire Themes are setup to work with Sections:


Parallax Multi

Parallax Dark


Holeon Light

We will be spending the next few months updating new themes as well as designing a brand new theme for you “Kudos” which will take full advantage of the new features in Weebly4