Beautiful Creative Weebly Template

Holeon is designed to be a single page scrolling Weebly Template ideal for Portfolio & Creative Websites and anything that needs to “WOW” the visitor.

This theme is Packed full of custom features that can be used along side the Standard Weebly Drag and Drop functionality and is Weebly4 Compatible.






holeon weebly theme

The full list of features can be found below:

7 Custom Header types including:

  • Slider Homepage – Multi Section homepage with custom drag and drop slider included.
  • Static Homepage – Multi Section homepage with static image header.
  • Splash/Landing Page  (Tall and Normal)
  • Side Bar (Global and Non Global)
  • Short Header
  • Fully Tablet and Mobile Responsive
  • Theme Options – Control each section of your homepage and other areas of the site with Theme Options
  • **NEW** Weebly Sections – This is a new drag and drop element that lets you drag full sections into your page
  • Fly Out Side Menu
  • Click to edit Contact Details banner
  • Custom Homepage Sections
    • Header (either Slider or Static Image)
    • Main Content
    • Sub Content
    • 2 x Drag and Drop parallax Section
    • Testimonial Scroller
    • Interactive Portfolio
    • Team Slider/Scroller
    • Custom Drag and Drop Footer (Can be used with Free Account)
    • Copyright Footer
  • Standard Weebly Drag and Drop Elements
  • Custom Designed Social Icons
  • Click to Upload Slider Images
  • Click to Uploaad Parallaax Section Images
  • 10 Custom Widgets
    • Accordion
    • Tabs
    • Section Title
    • Section Title (Boxed)
    • Animated Number Counter
    • Icon Boxes
    • Service Boxes
    • Animated Progress Bar
    • Icon Button
    • Icon Scrolling Button
  • The WIDG – A tool that will let you design, build and create the Custom Widgets listed above
  • Dedicated Instructions Website
  • Lifetime Technical Support
  • Access to our Members Only area
  • Instant Download


Weebly Store Compatibility

Due to this being a single page style website template the Weebly Store functionality is NOT compatible with this theme. This theme has a custom menu and therefore Weebly’s back end system cannot integrate with the menu as it needs to for it’s default e-commerce functionality.

Demo Content

Due to the way Weebly works, it is not currently possible to import Dummy/Demo content with a theme. Please be aware that the demo website for this theme is simply a website build by ourselves using the default theme to demonstrate what it can look like. DEMO CONTENT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE.


Holeon - Veresion 2.7 (Released 14 Jan 2017)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Fixed WIDG Issue where WIDG height continues expanding infinitely in the Weebly dashboard
– Fixed WIDG Issue where number scroller overlaps on certain screen sizes
– Fixed bug with Buttons on certain pages not displaying correctly
– Removed link to holeon download page from menu button

Holeon - Veresion 2.6 (Released 02 Nov 2016)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Fixed responsiveness issue on static header

Holeon - Veresion 2.5 (Released 28 Oct 2016)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Fixed slider orientation options on 4 and 5 slider header
– Minior bug fixes

Holeon - Veresion 2.4 (Released 15 Sep 2016)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Weebly Sections bug fixes
– Code Cleanup

Holeon - Veresion 2.3 (Released 06 Sep 2016)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Fixed social icons in menu (They weren’t displaying if upgrading to new version)
– Fixed issue with 4th portfolio item (not displaying properly on published site)

Holeon - Veresion 2.2 (Released 30 Aug 2016)


– Implemented updates to make the new Weebly Sections feature to work
– Updated headers to allow full drag and drop, adjustable height headers.

Holeon - Veresion 2.1 (Released 07 Aug 2016)


– Added new option for hiding the “contact bar”

Holeon - Veresion 2.0 (Released 31 Jul 2016)

### BUG FIXES ###

– Issue with Parallax Backgrounds being automatically cut off
– Display issue with Blog header
– Tweaked and improved slider image cropping
– Overlapping data on number scroller html widget
– Display issues in Designer Platform
– Fixed overlapping text on number scroller
– Fixed alignment issues with Tabs Widget
– Issue with team slider not being centered on mobile.
– Portfolio Grid not being full width on mobile devices.


– Improvements made to dedicated instructions website
– Added “Theme Options” so homepage can be controlled via weebly dashboard
– Added new Color Schemes structure to make changing colors easy

Holeon - Veresion 1.2 (Released 05 Oct 2015)

Bug Fixes
– Fixed image size on Slider (Post Weebly CARBON Update).
– Fixed image size on Portfolio (Post Weebly CARBON Update).
– Fixed intermittent issue with Slider images stretching in certain browsers.
– Fixed issue with splash page scrollbar to set container to full screen.
– Added Classes to the menu items to ensure sufficient hiding of menu items and sections.
– Fixed bug with Home Link on sub-pages so it redirects to homepage properly.

Holeon - Version 1.1 (Released 09 Aug 2015)

Bug Fixes
– Fix issue with buttons on splash page being invisible in responsive mode
– Fix to intermittent flickering on homepage slider
– Fix to scroll bar appearing on Firefox Slider
– Fix to hide blog sidebar on responsive mode
Feature updates/enhancements
– Updated Font Awesome to version 4.4
– Improved functionality regarding hiding sections on homepage
– Added functionality so team profiles in team slider can be hidden individually
Instructions and WIDG updates
– Updated instructions for hiding sections
– Added splash pages to list of page layouts available in instructions
– Updated Icon picker on WIDG to show Font Awesome 4.4 icons