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A Single Page, Premium Weebly Theme, perfect for an Interior Design Weebly Website

Dezine Premium Weebly Template

Mobile and Tablet Responsive
Fully Responsive for all Devices

Interior Design Premium Weebly Template

Custom Slider Header
Homepage with Slider Header with Drag and Drop captions

Premium Weebly Template

Custom Static Caption Image Slider
Homepage with Image Slider and Static Captions

landing-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Splash/Landing pages
2 Stylish Splash/Landing page designs

pages-icon - Premium Weebly Template

One Page Scrolling Website Design
Single page Menu Structure

dnd-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Weebly Drag and Drop
All Content Areas are Drag and Drop

browser-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Cross Browser Compatible
Works in all modern browsers

widgets-icon - Premium Weebly Template

13 custom HTML widgets (See Widgets)
Fully Configurable Custom Widgets

fa-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Font Awesome Icon Set (See Icons)
Perfect to use with Widgets

widg-icon - Premium Weebly Template

The WIDG (Whats this?)
Our Bespoke Custom Widget Generator

parallax-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Section Background
Background Image sections

portfolio-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Integrated Portfolio Slider
Click to Edit Homepage Portfolio Slider

users-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Integrated Team Slider
Click to Edit Homepage Team Slider

Integrated Service Slider
Click to Edit Homepage Services Slider

testimonial-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Integrated Testimonial Slider
Click to Edit Homepage Testimonial Slider

blog-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Suitable for Blog
Compatible with the Weebly Blog

code-icon - Premium Weebly Template

HTML5 and CSS3
Up to date with Modern Coding Standards

speed-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Optimized for Speed
Cleanly Coded for fast performance

color-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Easy color Changes
Well Commented CSS for easy color changes

instruction-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Dedicated Instructions Website
All the info you need to get setup

support-icon - Premium Weebly Template

Lifetime Technical Support
Get help when you need it, forever

More about Dezine

Dezine is a Single Page Scrolling Premium Weebly Template, inspired as an Interior Design Weebly Template.

This Cutting Edge Custom Weebly Template has the ability to insert a Popup Video button anywhere in the main content areas of the site.

It contains Sharp Lines, Clean colors, and tons of space to insert your own content. Also included are 4 brilliant Custom Weebly Sliders which will be sure to impress your visitors, both with delivery of content but also stylish design.

These include:

  1. Custom Portfolio Weebly Slider
  2. Custom Services Weebly Slider
  3. Custom Team Weebly Slider
  4. Custom Testimonial Weebly Slider

These 4 Custom Weebly Sliders are integrated into the theme itself, meaning they are super easy to set up and can be done via the click to edit feature in Weebly.

If you want to place the individual elements from the slider elsewhere on the site we have also made these stand alone widgets, meaning you can add them to your site as a normal widget or use the built in sliders.

We have also made it super easy to hide these if you don’t want them which just helps make this Premium Weebly Template more versatile than ever and can be used for a number of different purposes.

To give you an idea, some of our customers have used Dezine as a:

  • Construction Weebly Template
  • Eyecare Weebly Template
  • IT Support Weebly Template
  • Beauty Weebly Template
  • Waste Management Weebly Template
  • Music Production Weebly Template
  • Industrial Weebly Template
  • Medical Weebly Template
  • Church Weebly Template
  • Advertising Agency Weebly Template
  • Catering Weebly Template

 Weebly Compatible

Dezine will work with all of the standard Weebly Drag and Drop features.

All of header types available in the Dezine Premium Weebly Theme are designed with Drag and Drop content areas and Click to edit sections where possible. This not only means things are easy to use, but extremely flexible and fully compatible with the Weebly Drag and Drop dashboard.

If you are not a technical person, but are used to Weebly, you will have no problem at all getting to grips with the Dezine Premium Weebly Theme.

It is just like using a standard Weebly Theme with the addition of some amazing Custom Plugins and styling. You simply could not achieve without using this theme unless you were a web developer or prepared to pay thousands of Dollars for someone to develop a website that looks as good.

With the help of the Dedicated Instructions website and our 5 star technical support team you can feel comfortable that if you do run into any issues at all with the Dezine Weebly Template, we will be there to help.

Please note: The demo Website is a website we have built using exactly the same template that we are offering. Demo Content will Not be provided with the template.

The Dezine Premium Weebly Theme is designed as a single page website template. This means the Weebly Storefront is NOT compatible with this theme.

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

Dezine is fully responsive, meaning mobile visitors don’t have to miss out on the amazing style of our templates. If you are using the Dezine Premium Weebly Template you’re website will look great on all devices.

Homepage and other Header Types

Dezine comes with two great homepage header types that can be used. these are designed with multiple drag and drop sections in which you can add your own content as well as several sub-sections which have hard coded custom elements such as Staff Slider, Testimonial Scroller and Portfolio slider and work slider.

With all of this great space for your content you will be sure to make good use of the 13 additional Custom HTML widgets that can be used within this stunning one page Premium Weebly Template.

It doesn’t stop there! On top of the two stunning homepage header types. you can also create other pages using one of the 5 additional header types.

In total Constructor has 7 styled header types:

  • Homepage Slider – Homepage layout with 3 image slider. Included on this page are multiple drag and drop content areas.
  • Homepage Static Caption – Homepage layout with 3 image slider and static captions, as well as multiple Drag and Drop sections.
  • Splash page Slider – Can be used as a landing page. Includes a three image slider.
  • Splash Page Header – Can be used as a landing page. Includes a header image.
  • Short Header – Standard, single section drag and drop header type with responsive short header
  • No Header – Standard, single section drag and drop header type.
  • 404 Error page – Custom Styled 404 Error page that can be used if a page on your site is not found

Custom HTML Widgets

Weebly Widget Generator Holeon Instructions Page

Included with the Dezine Premium Weebly Template, you will be able to create 13 Custom HTML Weebly widgets which will truly bring your site to life both in functionality and professional quality design.

It doesn’t stop there however! We know that most people that use Weebly are not experts in HTML and don’t have the time to learn it.

Well, we spent months creating the perfect solution that will not only let you style your own custom HTML Weebly widgets but also generate the HTML code needed to insert them into your website.

We call is the “WIDG”, and the Dezine Premium Weebly Template, designed by Webfire Themes lets you use it.

This tool will make your life so much easier, you will be able to design and create your very own Weebly widgets in minutes, and there is no need to worry about the HTML code as the WIDG creates it for you.

The WIDG is not a tool available anywhere else and has been created by our in-house developers as the perfect finishing touch to the Dezine Premium Weebly Teamplate.

The best thing about the WIDG is, you get access to it Free of charge when you purchase Dezine.

  See WIDG in Action

Dezine comes with the following 13 Custom HTML Weebly Widgets which can be customized using the WIDG to make an unlimited amount of design combinations:

  • Slider Caption Title
  • Slider Caption Sub-Title
  • Accordion
  • Tabs
  • Circular Icon Box
  • Diamond Icon Box
  • Pricing Table
  • Team Profile
  • Portfolio Box
  • Contact Details
  • Standard button
  • Scrolling button
  • Pop Up Video Widget


Please Note: If you are using a third party (Hosted) version of Weebly through a hosting company like “Bluehost” or “iPage” Your hosting company may charge additional costs for importing/editing custom templates as well as using additional features of Weebly. Before you purchase from us you should check whether or not your hosting package expects more money to import a template. You should also note that does not charge extra for importing templates, and as well as always being assured you’ll be using the latest version of Weebly, hosting via is generally cheaper than using a third party hosting provider.

Dezine - Version 2.1 (Released 30 Aug 2015)

Bug Fixes
– Fix to Section titles – getting cut off in mobile responsive mode
– Fix to Menu to allow them to be hidden if required.

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Template Specs
Release date: March 20, 2015
Last updated:August 30, 2015
Current version: 2.1
Software application type: Custom Weebly Template
File format: .zip
File size: 2.8 mb
Requirements: Weebly Account
Price: From $45.00 USD

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