Parallax Dark v4.0 is here!

30th September 2015 - By 

Great news gang!

Parallax Dark has now been updated to sit along side Version 4 of the standard Parallax Template…

As you’ll know Parallax Dark is just a dark version of Parallax… We’ve only done it to make life a bit easier for you so you can start with the template closest to the color scheme you like more (light or dark)…

You can check out what’s new in the Parallax Dark product page at the bottom under the Change Log here, but just to give you the low down:

  • THE WIDG – Hooooray… another one of our themes is now using the WIDG which means you can build, design, customize and copy the code for your widget… No more copying some HTML, and populating it yourself… just use the WIDG and then add the code it generates into the “Embed Code” element within the weebly dashboard.
  • Proper Instructions – Hoooooray (2) … you now have some nicely formatted and in depth instructions for Parallax… again, making this Custom Weebly theme uber simple to use…
  • Performance Updates – Hooooooray (3)…. We’ve tweaked some stuff to make Parallax Dark perform better.
  • Made it easier to customise colors… With the WIDG doing all the hard work for the color scheme of widgets, there are only a handful of color choices to make for the main theme… meaning you can transform the color scheme of this Custom Weebly Template to whatever you want in minutes.

We’ve also got rid of the Content Ready pages (as there is no need for them with the WIDG), Plus simplified the page layouts…

All in all, this update has made Parallax Dark one of the best and most simple Custom Weebly templates on the market… Without sacrificing amazing looks and functionality.

Don’t forget, if you’ve already purchased Parallax Dark, you can update (if you wish) using one of the download credits you got when you purchased the template.

Happy Weeblying!!!

  • I have Parallax dark, but how do I shut the darkness off if I want to? Like, how do I maintain the lighter version of my background image of my home screen and the like?

    • Hi Frank.

      This is a relatively simple change which is described in the instructions page for Parallax Dark. If however you still get stuck, one of our dedicated support team will be more than happy to help if you log a ticket via the resolution center.

      Webfire Themes.

  • Awesome, I love this new theme. If your team keeps pumping out quality themes like this. More and more Weebly users will have the option to build a high quality modern website.

    Love the look and feel of parallax dark and the fact that you can use your easy to use widget creator, this is going to help so many people with little experience build their Weebly website.

    I also see this being a great fit for website design clients that want a professional business website, but want to do the webmaster work on their own. This opens up a lot of different possibilities for designers and clients too.

    Lastly, I think something that Weebly users sometimes lack is a basic understanding of modern website design. Simply they do not know where to place images, or content to make their website pop to their visitor. If you created some simple website design how to’s for your clients, it might help them greatly.


    • Hi Dan

      Thanks for the comments. Sorry it took so long to reply to this one.

      You’re absolutely right. we need more content, more tutorials and more basic information about building websites… We’ve been adding stuff as much as time will allow…

      We’ve got about 9 new themes in the pipeline at the moment… so you should start seeing some new releases soon.

      Thanks again for your comments.

      Webfire Themes

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