Customization to a Webfire Theme, the Low Down.

When someone purchases a Premium Weebly Theme from Webfire Themes, the last thing we would ever want to do is restrict you from using the template as you want to use it.

We get a lot of people asking us to help them make functionality customization on the templates they have purchased.

We will ALWAYS try to help as much as we can, however we are not able to support customization that changes the way the template functions. There is more than one reason to this, so this article is designed to give a full explanation to why we can not support functional customization of our themes.

If you have purchased from us before you’ll know we always go the extra mile to try and help, and we think it only fair to explain this kind of stuff rather than just putting it in some article that you’ll never find and then use it against you!

What IS Supported, What IS NOT supported and why!


Firstly, our standard terms and conditions break the word “Customization” into two types:

Minor: These are basic tweaks to the site which don’t change the way the template functions. These are things we DO support and are more than happy to help you with via our resolution center if you get stuck. EG:

  • Changing the color scheme
  • Changing fonts used within the template.

Major: This type of customization relates to any changes to the template which alter the way the template functions, EG:

  • Adding new plugins
  • Majorly altering the layout of the template (moving sections on the homepage to different areas on the template etc)
  • Fundamental changes to the design (Adding custom sections from the homepage onto other header types etc)


As frustrating as it may seem, the reason we do not support major customization is not for the benefit of Webfire Themes, but also for you! There are two main reasons we do not support “Major” customization:

  1. At Webfire Themes we like to keep our Premium Weebly templates updated regularly, in order to keep our templates modern and using the best possible custom features, we regularly update themes and their features. As a customer, if you wish to make use of these new features you will have to update your website to the latest version. Here’s the kicker! If you customize your template, and then upgrade to a new version of the theme you will lose any customization. This is why we only recommend making minor customizations to your theme… Although they will need to be done again, it should be quite a quick process.
  2. The quality and functionality of our themes is what is most important to us regarding theme design… We put our templates through a very rigorous set of testing. If we were to support you through a major Customization, without putting it through these thorough tests we simply wouldn’t be confident that the changes made were “complete” and we simply can’t afford the time it takes to do this.

As with any piece of software, we design it to benefit our customers, so if there is a feature you would like to see then please still raise a ticket with us.

We treat feature requests very seriously and would love to know about them. By raising it as a ticket, even if we can’t support it, this gives us information about what our customers want and the chances are if you want something, other customers will also want to see it in our themes, so will try to include it in the next release of that theme.

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