Customizing a Weebly Template

Customizing a Weebly template will allow you to make changes to your template so your site looks unique.

Whether you’re planning on customizing a Weebly Template that you’ve purchased from Webfire Themes or a default Weebly template, there are a few things you should take note of before you start!

What does customizing a Weebly template let me do?

There are many reasons for customizing a Weebly template, for instance if you want to change the color scheme of the website, or the font etc.

You can also change the layout and functionality when customizing a Weebly template. Generally, as with anything, the more complex the customization you want to make, the more advanced the change will be.

The more basic (minor) customization can generally be achieved by changing the settings in the Weebly dashboard.

This article has been written purely for information, and we only recommend customizing a Weebly Template if you are familiar with HTML and CSS.

If using a Webfire Themes Custom Weebly Template, instructions will be provided for all support customization.

Furthermore, although Webfire Themes encourages Major customization to those who have the technical understanding to make them, we cannot support them directly. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Here are some things to consider when customizing a Weebly template.

What are you actually trying to do?

Before you customize a Weebly template, the first thing to do is understand what you’re trying to do and what you will have to do to achieve your goal.

If the customization is “major” or “advanced” you will more than likely need to make changes to the HTML and CSS within the Weebly Template. If you don’t know anything about HTML and CSS then customizing a Weebly template might be difficult if you’re planning a Major Customization.

How do I make the customization without affecting my LIVE website?

If your website is already live and you’re planning to customize a Weebly template then the last thing you want to do is change your live site before you have made and tested your customization.

If you’re making a Minor Customization, you can normally undo it really quickly, so if something doesn’t work or doesn’t look right, you can manually revert back before your visitors notice. If you are planning on a more major customization then you should definitely follow this process for customizing a Weebly template.

1. Take a backup of your existing Template
By Exporting your existing Weebly Template it allows you to not only have a backup to revert back to in case you need to, but it also gives you the template files needed to upload to a new/copied website.

Check out our tutorial for Exporting a Weebly Template

2. Make a copy of your live website
It isn’t always necessary but we believe that it’s better safe than sorry, so when making any customization that involves code change we would recommend you work from a copy of your live website. Once you’ve finished the customization and are happy with it you can apply the customization to your live website.

Need some help with this? Read our tutorial for Making a copy of a Weebly Website

3. Make the customization on the “copied” version of your website
Now is the time to customize your Weebly Template. Make sure you’re you do all the work on the copied website when customizing a Weebly template.

It is highly recommended that if you’re adding a new feature or making changes to the css… you should create a new css/page layout file and add the css/customization into that (if you use !important on the css elements you’re changing it should override the CSS that is in the main-style.css)

The reason for doing this is, if a new version of the template you’re using comes out, you can perform an upgrade and restore the new files you have created, meaning your changes won’t need to be redone.

Please note: We do not recommend you update/publish your live website while making a customization. Please remember when you work on a copied version of your website it is still associated to the same theme.

4. Re-publish the live site.
Once you’re happy with the customization republish the live website – this will force the customization you’ve made onto the Live website, and hey presto! your customization is complete.

What if it all goes wrong?

If you’ve followed the instructions above, you’re safe. If it all goes horribly wrong (which I’m sure it won’t) you’ll always be in a position to recover.

If you need to revert back to your original Weebly Template

All you need to do is import the backup you made in step 1. If you don’t know how to import a Weebly Template check out our tutorial on How to import a weebly template

Please note: If you do need to revert back to the version of the template you backed up. We recommend you name it something else. This will make it easier to find once you’ve uploaded it.

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