How to Un-publish my Weebly Website?

This is a really common question asked about Weebly in General, and we’ll show you how to do this in just a moment.

How do I Un-publish my Weebly Website?

Knowing how to un-publish your Weebly Website is also something really important to understand when developing a new site using one of our Premium Weebly Templates

When you are building a site in Weebly you will get a rough idea of what your site will look like via the weebly dashboard, and you can of course preview the site via the code editor, however the only way you can truly see what your website will look like when live is to publish it.

This is more true with one of our Premium Weebly themes. The reason is, we include lots of custom elements to our themes, and some of these won’t work properly in the weebly Dashboard, so you will want to publish your site to take a look.

Of course, un-publishing your Weebly website is also an important thing to know as you probably don’t want to leave your site published until it’s complete.

The good thing is, you can un-publish your weebly website in just a few clicks.

In the Weebly dashboard, go to Settings, and in the General side bar menu you should see an “un-publish” button in the bottom right hand corner.


When you’re ready to publish again, simply publish like you normally would. Hope you found this usefull 🙂


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