How to create a weebly 404 error page

How to Create a Weebly 404 Error Page in 3 Easy Steps

How to create a weebly 404 error page is a very common question from all weebly users no matter of your level of experience using Weebly.

If you’ve got a Weebly website where you’re constantly updating and managing your website, there is a very high chance you’re going to create pages and rename them to improve SEO at some point, or even create a page that has a shelf life (like a promotional offer or seasonal blog post).

It is also important to remember that links in social posts and bookmarked posts can’t be changed, meaning anyone that tries to go to a page that has changed or been deleted via a social network will get the 404 error page.

So we decided to write a post on How to create a weebly 404 error page


If this happens, and a visitor tries to go back to a page that no longer exists, they will be presented with the default Weebly 404 page not found error page. Although this tells the visitor that the page they are trying to go to doesn’t exist, it may also give the impression that your website no longer exists.

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a weebly 404 error page. The main benefit to this is you can design the page to look like part of your website, and also include links that go back to other areas of your Weebly website.

For this tutorial we’ve used one of our premium Weebly Templates (Optima). but you can do this on any Weebly website.

How to create a 404 Error page in Weebly in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Create a new page named “404”

Log into your Weebly account and edit the website you want to create a Weebly 404 error page on, then create a new page by following these steps:

1. Click on “Pages”


2. Create new “standard” page by clicking the “+” sign and selecting “Standard Page”


3. Name it 404

4. Assign it to the header type you wish to use for the page

5. Tick the box to “hide in navigation”


6. Click on Advanced options and tick the box to “hide this page from search engines”


7. Click on Build so you can design the page.


Step 2 – How to create a weebly 404 error page

As with any other page on your website, you can use the Drag and drop functionality within Weebly to build your page. you can add whatever you wish on here. We would recommend you add things like:

  • Title stating the page cannot be found (A lot of websites use informal language like “Ooooops, the page you are trying to get to doesn’t exist”)
  • Some useful page links that will help the visitor navigate to where they want to go (EG: blog pages, etc)
  • A Contact form so people can contact you if they are unable to find the page they are looking for


Step 3 – Test it out

Once you have published your site, it’s easy to test it out. In your browser, type in your website address followed by a page that doesn’t exist on your website (EG:

It’s really as simple as that, but makes you’re Weebly website look that little bit more professional.



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