How to Create a Weebly Blog Post

How to create a Weebly Blog Post

You wouldn’t think it but How to Create a Weebly Blog Post is a really common question for Weebly users, for any weebly user wanting to spice up their website with seo rich content, a blog is the perfect way to do it. A weebly blog is essential in the modern day world of the web, your website visitors will love your blog so will the mighty Google and search all other search engines.

Once you’ve created your Weebly Blog Page, you’re ready to start blogging. For each entry in your Weebly Blog you will need to create a Weebly Blog post.

How to Create a Weebly Blog Post in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Creating a new post

Click the “New Post” button

creating a weebly blog post

Step 2 – Give your Weebly Blog Post a title

Generally you should keep your Weebly Blog Post title to 6-10 words

How to create a weebly Blog Post

Step 3 – Write your Weebly Blog Post

Adding content to your blog post works in the same way as a normal page. Drag and Drop the elements you want to use into the Weebly Blog Post content area.

How to create a weebly Blog Post

Step 4 – Categorize your Weebly Blog Post

Something that is important for both the organisation of your blog post, but more importantly the SEO, is to categorize your Weebly Blog Post. By categorizing your blog will be added to the category on the blog sidebar. This makes it a lot easier for your visitors to find specific blog posts later down the line.

To categorize your Weebly Blog Post, click the “Post Options” button and click on the “add categories” button. Now type in the name of the category you want to use (If you’ve used it before the category will show up underneath the search box).

How to create a weebly Blog Post

Step 5 – Publish your Weebly Blog Post

Simple click the “Post” button (If you want to save it as a draft at this point, click the “Save” button instead)

How to create a weebly Blog Post

When you post your Weebly Blog Post, it will save to the top of the list, so the newest blog post is always at the top.

That’s it! You’re blog post will now be posted. Once you publish your site, it will be made live on your site.

How to create a weebly Blog Post

Now you’ve started creating Blog Posts, the next step is to Modify your Blog Sidebar

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Happy Blogging!

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