How To Import A Weebly Template


If you purchased one of our templates via Mojo Marketplace, then please jump straight to step 3 in this tutorial.

How To Import A Weeby Template is a really common question for all weebly users, this tutorial will walk you through the 5 easy steps on how to install a Weebly Theme to your weebly account. Check out our video for how to do this:

How To Import A Weebly Template in 5 Easy steps

Step 1 – Download your theme
Once you have purchased your theme, download it and you will find a zip file named “parent-[theme name]-[theme package]-[version].zip”

If you are using an apple/Safari, please ensure you turn the option off to Open “safe” files after downloading.

Step 2 – Preparing the Theme for install
Find the file you have downloaded and unzip it. You should now see a new zip file called “[template name]”

Step 3 – Open your website in Weebly
log into Weebly and create/open site you want to install the theme on.

If you’re migrating your existing website to our theme we suggest you install the theme on a copy of your website and publish to a temporary domain until you’re ready to put live.

Here is a tutorial on How to copy a Weebly Website

Step 4 – Import your theme

In the Weebly dashboard. click on “Design

How to import a weebly template

Now click Change Theme

How to import a weebly template

Now click the Import Theme button, a pop up window will appear

How to import a weebly template

Now drag the file into the window that pops up.

How to import a weebly template


There is an option to select the file rather than drag it in, however this doesn’t always work.

Step 5 – Select your custom theme
Once the upload is complete, you will need to select it from the custom themes area. the custom themes area should show up automatically.
You can preview the site with the new template by clicking on the preview button, and you can select the site by clicking on the choose button.


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