How to Save your Work in Weebly?

If you are very new to Weebly, one of the first things you may come across that leaves you a bit uncertain is how to actually save your work. so…

How to Save your Work in Weebly Easily?

As you start getting more familiar with the Weebly interface you’ll see this button in the top right hand corner of your Weebly Dashboard, however what you don’t see anywhere is a “SAVE” button.

How to Save your Work in Weebly

You look up what the “PUBLISH” button does and soon realize that if you hit that button it will make your website live, for all the world to see.

The problem is, you’re not ready to make your website live yet, instead you just want to save what you’ve done because you’ve been at it for 8 hours, and want to finish for the day and relax with a nice glass of Wine (Or Beer).

You start to think you’re going mad. because there is no save button anywhere. and the thought of losing all that work if you just close things down sends a shiver down your spine.


Here’s the good news… Weebly doesn’t need to be “SAVED” as such, they have taken care of that bit for you. Your website gets saved every time you do anything in it, so if you add a bit of text, or upload a new image, Delete a Weebly Element or create a new page, your weebly website will save automatically via the Weebly Dashboard.

There are a few places however you WILL find a “SAVE” button in Weebly:

  • When you enter the Code Editor view and make changes to your Weebly Template
  • When you make a change to the settings of your site under the “Settings” menu
  • When you edit a blog page but only want to save it as a draft

Other than that, you’re website will save automatically as you go.


Just in case you didn’t catch the comment at the beginning of this article about publishing your site:

When you make changes it will only save the content you’ve added, removed or changed in the Weebly Dashboard, in order to make this show up on the World Wide Web, you need to hit that publish button!

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