Images for Weebly – Part 1: The basics

This is the first in several articles about Images for Weebly that will guide you on everything you need to know about using Images on your Weebly Website, from why you need to use images, how to select the right images, optimizing your images and finally a whole range of websites where you can get loads of images for Weebly absolutely FREE!

Why do I need Images for Weebly?

In today’s article, we’re going to be talking about Why it is vital to have images on your Weebly Website.

Are images really that important for my Weebly website?

The simple answer is “YES”… Images really are that important for your Weebly Website. Having images on your Weebly Website does three really important things:

  1. Makes your site look nice, and easy to digest. Especially if you’ve got a lot of content.
  2. Improves the users experience – First impressions are important, if the visitor can see from images that the page is relevant to them, they will read on
  3. Helps with your SEO – By adding alt-text and image names into the mix, google will see these and use them towards SEO

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alt tags for weebly

Relating your Images to the theme of your site.

Normally a large portion of the traffic to your website is from users finding you in a search engine like google. They may not have visited the site before, and don’t know what to expect.

Images give you a way of sending that “first impression” within the first few seconds of your homepage loading. It is a well known fact that internet surfers tend to spend just a few seconds on a website they have never visited before before deciding if they are going to “read on”.

The right images on your website will quickly give the visitor a view on what your website is about, and therefore tell them if they have come to the right place!

Making your Weebly Website easy on the eye

Images also play an important role in breaking up the most vital aspect of your Weebly Website…. Content!

Content is no doubt the most important thing on your website, and images help in making that content more presentable and easy to digest. Lots of text can be a bit daunting, and in today’s day and age, a new visitor to your Weebly site will probably not stay there if you haven’t got relevant images placed in the right places to break up the text.

Image relevance and image mapping.

If your Weebly website has got a lot of content, image relevance and image mapping is really going to help in guiding the visitor to the section of the website they want to see quickly and easily. For example, if your website has a long article that explains how your business model works, each section could be started with a relevant image, such as an image representing some finance or money could be used in the section that explains how your share scheme works.

The point is. your images need to have some relevance to the content. It would be pointless adding an image of a mountain landscape, regardless of how beautiful it was, on a page where the content related to Housing prices.

Image mapping is something you can apply to your Weebly Website to ensure the visitors eye is guided down your page and through your website the way you want them to be.

Is image quality important?

It goes without saying that the quality of the image is vital. If you have an image that is blurred, distorted or cropped badly, it generally makes your website look unprofessional, and can easily put people off staying on your website or revisiting it in the future.

If you can use your own images, that you’ve taken yourself then great, but don’t compromise, although your own images may generally be giving a more relative message, if they aren’t high resolution or are taken with bad composition then you may be sacrificing valuable website traffic.

Unless you’re actually showcasing specific images in a gallery, although your images will be the first thing that is generally seen, and do influence the visitors decision about your site. this is generally subliminal, and most of the time the image won’t leave a lasting impression, unless it looks bad.

The perfect example is when you visit a hotel. Have you ever really taken notice of the amount of images you see in the hallways, rooms, lounge etc. Hotels are absolutely plastered with images, no one ever really looks at them, however if the pictures weren’t there, the rooms would feel bare and not very comforting.

image mapping for weebly

Selecting the right images for your Weebly Website.

This is really the hard bit, and is probably going to take some trial and error to get it right. The key points We recommend you use in selecting the right images are:

  • Depth – If the image is for a background or slider, a larger depth of field is generally better (an image of something that has focal points both near and far). If the image is wrapping around some text, then this isn’t as important.
  • Color – A good range of colors is important. they should wherever possible tie in with the colors on your site. In some cases having a very contrasting set of colors between an image and your Weebly Website may be needed, for example, if you have an important section within your content. something that you want to try and ensure is seen, an image with contrasting colors may help. you can also use black and white images, which is where high contrast can help.
  • Relevance – Try to keep all of your images relevant in some way, they don’t have to be directly related, as in a lot of cases it either just wouldn’t look right. For example, if you’re website is a fitness website, and you’ve got an article about dietary suggestions, you could use a picture of a nice bowl of fruit, it has vibrant colors, gives the impression of health, but can look really stylish at the same time..
  • Size – Size of the image is important. Normally we would suggest you find an image that is a lot larger than you need. you can then resize down to the exact size you want to avoid any loss in quality.
  • Price – This is something we’ll talk about more in a later article, but the price of the image you use is important. you don’t want to spend a fortune on the license to use an image on your site if it isn’t necessary. There are lots of free Weebly images available on the internet that have royalty free use. At the end of this series of articles, we will be giving you a big list of places you can get these free images for Weebly.

Next time you’re browsing the internet, look at the sites you’re visiting, and be aware of the images that are used. You will soon pick out the sites that were created professionally and which weren’t. We want your Weebly Website to stand out from the crowd and look like you paid thousands for it!

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