I’ve deleted something in Weebly Can I undo it?

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a common fact of life, and it doesn’t stop in Web design. If you’re building a Website in Weebly this is one great piece of information that might get you out of a pickle!

Oh No… I’ve deleted my Weebly website and lost months of work.


You probably don’t know it (we didn’t until recently) but if you accidentally delete a page on your website, or even if you delete your site, not all is lost!

There really isn’t much more to say, this is not even a tutorial, just some really really good information that might get you out of a pickle.

If you have accidentally deleted your website, or even just a page on your site, then don’t worry too much. you can get it back.

There are no instructions for doing this, it isn’t something you can do in the Weebly dashboard, but it is something that our friends over at Weebly will be able to help with. You simply need get in touch with Weebly and they will be more than happy to help.

But what about if I accidentally delete content on my Weebly website?

Unfortunately the grass is not so green if you do this. Because of the way Weebly is designed, it saves things as you go, and it can’t really save it in the history, so if you delete something on your page by accident, then you’ll have to redo it unfortunately… We do have a few great tips however on how you can reduce the risk of accidentally deleting content on your site.

  1. If you have a Weebly page that took you a long time. Make a copy of it before you make any changes… if all goes horrible, you have the copy to use as your backup.
  2. If you don’t want to accidentally delete something on your Website don’t delete anything. instead setup a dummy page (hide it from navigation) and instead of deleting anything from the page you’re working on, just move it to the dummy page. this way if you realize if you accidentally moved the wrong thing. you can get it back.
  3. If you’re going in for a redesign, or a major overhaul of your weebly website…  make a full copy of your site before you do anything… you might get so far and change your mind… you’re copy is your backup in a worst case scenario.
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