Standard and Designer – What’s the difference?

When you purchase one of our templates you’ll see two purchase options. Standard and Designer.

So, What’s the difference?

Quite simply, the Standard purchase option entitles you to use the template you purchased on one” LIVE website.

The Designer purchase option entitles you to use the template you purchased on “multiple” LIVE websites.


Although a lot of our customers are individual users that only need their template for their own website, Weebly is becoming a growing platform for web design companies. We’ve introduced the Designer purchase option for Web designers so they don’t need to re-purchase the Standard license multiple times.

What if I’m new to Weebly and I want to play around with your template without affecting the LIVE version

This is fine, you can create as many Dummy websites as you like on the Standard license. If you want to set a page up and play around even though you’ve got the same template available on your LIVE website, that is fine. What is important is, you don’t have more than one LIVE website published under the same Standard License.

If I’ve already purchased the standard package, can I upgrade to the Designer Package?

Sure you can, take a look at this article for more information

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