Using Weebly Blog Comments

Using Weebly Comments

When your blog becomes more popular, you will find people will start commenting on it. You should also make effort to respond to comments as quickly as possible, Using Weebly Blog Comments too. Read on for some information on how to manage your Weebly Blog Comments.

Some great tips on using Weebly Blog Comments.

Configuring your Weebly Blog Comments

There are a few settings you will want to consider when configuring the Weebly Blog Comments. The main one is whether or not comments require approval before being posted, Spam protection and notifications.

To access your Weebly Blog Comments settings, click on the “Settings” button in the Weebly dashboard and go to the “Blog” sub-menu:

Managing your Weebly Blog Comments


The settings available are as follows:

Commenting System

This allows you to select Disqus or Facebook as the commenting engine. You will have to link it to your Disqus or Facebook account to use these features.

Default uses the Weebly Comment system to add and reply to comments and offers the ability to fully manage comments via your website.

Comment Default

  • Open – Allows anyone to add a comment to a post, which will auto publish immediately
  • Closed – Stops users from adding comments to a blog post
  • Requires Approval – Allows anyone to add a comment, but doesn’t publish until you’ve approved the commnet. We would recommend this is the option used as it prevents people putting unwanted comments on your blog.

Auto Close Comments
Auto Close comments allows you to automatically remove (close) comments after a set period of time.

Spam Protection
The Weebly Spam Protection setting allows you to turn CAPTCHA on and off.

CAPTCHA is a security features that makes users fill in a field with some numbers/letters that are displayed on an image.

Spam Moderation

The Weebly Spam Moderation setting can either be turned on or off, if it is turned on, it will not allow the posting of comments with bad language in.

Notify me of new comments

Here you can set whether or not you get automatically notified when someone adds a comment to your Weebly Blog.

Viewing your Weebly Blog comments

You can access the Weebly Blog comments by clicking the “comments” button from the Weebly Dashboard when you are in your blog page:

Using Weebly Blog Comments

When you’ve clicked the “comments” button a window will pop up that shows you a list of your Weebly Blog Comments. It also allows you to interact with the comments here too. there are three buttons in the “manage Comments” section:

  1. Approve – If you’ve got the setting enabled to only allow blog comments after approval, this is what you need to click to approve a comment.
  2. Delete – This deletes a blog comment
  3. Spam – This classes the blog comment as Spam – if you chose this, it will help Weebly Smart Moderation to learn trends and improve it’s ability to detect spam automatically.

Using Weebly Blog Comments

Replying to a Weebly Blog Comment

If you have received a comment on your Weebly Blog and you want to reply, you can do so in the same way as your visitors do. Access your website and add comment to your blog.

Using Weebly Blog Comments


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