Webfire Themes Frequently Asked Questions

Webfire Themes Frequently Asked Questions

In this article we have covered our most frequently asked questions (FAQs). we hope you find this useful.

Can I customize my custom Weebly Template?

Yes, the Weebly template is open to customization, however major customization is not supported by us. We will also be unable to support you with any issues that have been caused by the customization. See our article on Customizing Weebly Templates for more detail.

Where are the instructions for my Template?

Some of our older templates have one or more instruction files within the template itself, which you can access from going into the code editor and selecting the file. This is a bit basic however so in more recent templates we created an instructions page which you can visit for instructions. These are listed in the instructions menu from our homepage when you’re logged into your site. We will always keep the instructions up to date with instructions from the latest version of the templates.

What is considered a Major/Minor customization?

We would consider a Major customization anything that changes the way the template functions (EG: changing the way a widget transitions, adding in other third party widgets, building a new page layout or significantly changing an existing page layout). Minor Customization’s would be things like changing the font and font size, color changes, minor tweaks to borders, padding and margins.

Can I use my Custom Weebly Template via a third party host?

As Weebly becomes more popular, a lot of third party hosting companies are including the weebly platform as a website builder. Although our templates should work with third party hosts, they have been designed specifically for Weebly. Third party hosting companies regularly restrict certain functionality within Weebly until you subscribe or purchase extras, regularly making things more expensive. We will offer basic support if you’re using a third party host, but cannot guarantee the theme will function as it does in Weebly.

I'm migrating from default weebly Template. Will it work?

If you’ve already got a website using one of Weebly’s default templates, then the migration should be smooth. All of our templates are coded to use the same content tags as Weebly, meaning there should be no data loss in the primary content. Please note however, our templates generally come with custom content areas too. so although there will be no loss of content, it will more than likely need to be moved around and tweaked to look right with your new template. Regardless of how experienced you are in Weebly or any other Web based technology, our advice would be to ALWAYS make a copy of your website and import your new theme to the copied website. This way you don’t cause any interruption to your Live website, but also can get the site looking perfect before making it Live.

I'm migrating from another Custom weebly template. Will it work?

If you’re migrating from another custom Weebly template (whether it’s one of ours or from another theme developer) you are more likely to hit some issues. As well as the default weebly content tags, our custom themes do with custom weebly content tags. If your current theme also comes with custom weebly content tags, there will be a conflict and some/all of your data will not show up when you migrate. We suggest you contact us prior to purchasing your template so we can support accordingly.

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