Weebly Review: Why Weebly is Best WebSite Builder.

Is Weebly the right Website Builder for you?

Weebly is the most popular and in our opinion the best website builder available. It is extremely flexible and, and the fact it’s absolutely free to use.

For those of you who don’t know what Weebly is. it is a Website builder that uses a drag and drop concept. This makes it the perfect tool for creating eCommerce websites, Blogs, Portfolio Sites, e-zines and as it’s free non-profit websites.

It is so easy to use, a complete novice in web design can build a site. You could have a website setup within a matter of minutes, and after a little more time spent you could have a well established website, that cost you absolutely nothing to set up.

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Weebly creates an opportunity for mobile friendly website design, with a library of Free Weebly Templates along with the opportunity to install Custom Weebly Templates that will help you make your page look like a professionally designed website.

Weebly.com Main Features and Dashboard.

Here is what you need to know about why having an account with Weebly.com will allow you to start building a professional looking website instantly:

As Weebly is a drag and drop website Creator, you will see a list of Drag and Drop elements that you can drag into your page area to add Text, Images and widgets like Slideshows and Embedded YouTube Videos.

weebly drag and drop

The use of Drag and Drop in Weebly takes away the need to know any HTML or CSS, so building a site that looks professional is easy and possible without paying a website designer hundreds of dollars.

With Weebly you are presented with a simple and intuitive website builder that is purely web based. The editor gives you a real time preview that shows you what your site will look like once published so you don’t need to constantly publish and refresh.

You can drag in the Weebly Elements from the dashboard into your page and move them around wherever you want them to be. Whether you want things in two equal columns, or three columns, with the middle one being wider, you can. the layout of the page can be defined exactly as you want it.

dragh weebly elements

Also, each page you create gives you the option to select some predefined layouts, which follow the common design trends.

When editing custom Modules like Forms, Maps, Embedded Video, Social icons, the Weebly dashboard pops up with the options inline, meaning you can configure each element there and then, allowing you to focus on the job in hand, and not have to jump to a different page to configure.


Weebly Advanced Features

Earlier in this article we mentioned how flexible Weebly is as a platform. One of the key components of this flexibility is the ability to customize the default templates or even upload custom templates.

The Template, or Theme. is the framework of your Weebly Website. it is built using HTML, CSS and sometimes Javascript or JQuery (Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, you don’t need to). The Template, or Theme defines the style of your website, and the location of certain elements such as how the menu looks, where the logo is placed, what the different sections on the page look like, the background colors/images used on the site etc.

If you do know any HTML and CSS then you can quite easily customize your weebly template. If you don’t know any HTML and CSS, then don’t worry. you really don’t need to.

There are also some great advanced features in the settings like Changing your Favicon and Copying your website (which is a feature even some of the most advanced Content Management Systems don’t allow with ease). The ability to copy your website means you can play around without breaking your live website.

More about Weebly Template designs

Weebly has a library of hundreds of Templates, or Themes that will give you a great head start on your website, they are well designed and fully transferable, which means if you don’t like a design, you can easily swap to another one without breaking your website.

Some of the modern Template Designs provided by Weebly are now Responsive, meaning they look really good on Mobile Devices without you having to configure the “mobile” version of the template separately.

weebly themes

Now this is where things get serious! On top of using the Default Weebly templates that are available, there is the option to use a Custom Weebly Template. These can be Imported directly into Weebly. If you don’t have the skills to design your own Weebly Template, Webfire Themes offers several beautifully designed, fully responsive Premium Weebly Themes that come packed full of Custom HTML Widgets and clear instructions that will help you design a truly professional looking website.

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Non-Responsive Weebly Templates

Not all of the Weebly templates (Free and Premium) are fully responsive. This is where another brilliant feature of Weebly comes in!

Weebly has a mobile display and builder where a “mobile” version of your Weebly website can be designed. This again, uses the Drag and Drop features available in the Weebly Dashboard, but specifically for mobile devices. It is the perfect way to cut out the non-essential data on your website to make things easier to read when viewing the website on a Mobile Device.

This isn’t something you HAVE to do. Weebly automatically create a mobile version of your website, but you can tweak to your taste via the Mobile Builder.

weebly mobile builder

eCommerce and Premium Options

Weebly offer a fantastic eCommerce platform which gives you the ability to sell your products without worrying about the technical setup. You can add the products with the same ease as building your website. The drag and drop features are available and in-line pop ups guiding you through product setup is there.

You even get to use the eCommerce features in the free Weebly package, and only need to upgrade to the paid version if you need to use more advanced features.

weebly e-commerce

Weebly also offer some premium features that you can unlock with one of the paid subscriptions. These start at as cheap as $3 a month and allow you to do things like publish your website on your own domain, and use the premium slider, drag and drop footer.

Unlike most other companies that offer something for free but you have to pay to get the most out of the tool. Weebly is not the same. You can really get a lot out of the free version, and can build a fully functioning website without having to pay anything.

Final words.

From the information above, I think you will agree that on paper Weebly is the most user friendly and functional Website builder available. If you haven’t already, you should try it out and see that it really is the best.

It allows you to do some basic customization with no knowledge of CSS and HTML, and work right up to designing fully custom Website Templates if you do have the experience in CSS and HTML.

Weebly is flexible enough for you to buy and install Custom Weebly Templates which still allow you to use the main functionality of the Weebly Dashboard.

Although there are paid subscriptions on Weebly to use some of the “Extended” features, you can really do everything you could imagine on the Free Version.

Weebly allows for eCommerce Driven websites, Blogs, Portfolio Pages, business Pages.

You can embed code into the site via the drag and drop, which allows for things like Custom HTML widgets, embedded widgets such as a twitter feed and other third party sites that provide a code for embedding.

The Instructions provided by Weebly are easy to follow, and if you get stuck their support service is absolutely stellar. They really go the extra mile in helping you out.

There are even more features we haven’t discussed in this review, such as the SEO settings you can set on each page, the ability to setup an advanced menu structure without any coding, the flexibility of the drag and drop Form widget and many other great settings that you can use to customize your websites functionality.

All in all, you will be hard pushed to find such a well maintained and flexible Website builder anywhere else.

Once you have had a go with Weebly and can see the potential of your website when using one of our custom Weebly Templates, you won’t be tempted to pay a web designer lots of money to make your site ever again!

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