Images for Weebly – Part 2: Tools

So. Now we’ve covered the Basics of Images for Weebly, you’re probably ready to get going and start adding some images to your Weebly website.

In the next article we’ll go into some more detail about some tips on what can be done to prepare your images for the Web. This is a really important step as properly optimized and prepared images can make a massive difference to the appearance and performance of your Weebly website.
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What tools do I need to prepare images for Weebly websites?

Normally when you download a high resolution image from the internet or use one you have taken yourself, the image dimensions and file size will be quite large, and have a really high resolution, which means the file size will be potentially huge. This is the first obstacle that will need to be tackled, as if you just upload the image, as it is to your website, you may be able to resize it via Weebly, but, the actual file size of the image won’t change.

If you hadn’t already figured the next bit out; if the file size of the image is still really big, whenever anyone visits that page, they will have to wait for the image to load, which will slow your website down a lot!

There may be some other tasks you want to carry out on the image before you upload it, including cropping, resizing, adding an overlay, fading the edges, changing the contrast/color balance etc.

In order to prepare the images for Weebly by resizing, cropping, compressing and saving in the right format, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.

What tools do I need for my Weebly Images ? You don’t HAVE to use the tools we recommend, and Weebly even offer some features that will allow you to resize, crop and add basic effects to your images, however if you want to truly optimize them or add some more complex effects, we would recommend you use some of the software listed below.

Here are some of the tools we have used in the past when preparing images for Weebly websites.


Adobe Photoshop

Most people have heard of Adobe Photoshop (or just “photoshop”). This is a highly sophisticated piece of image manipulation software that is used widely by professional photographers. It is quite expensive and unless you already own a copy and have other uses for it, you probably won’t need it to prepare images for your Weebly website.

Check it out:

If you do however own a copy, it is an ideal tool for the job. You can resize, crop, optimize and fully edit the image with graphical effects, color changes etc.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is an illustration program. It is primarily used by graphic designers and artists to create something called Vector images.

A vector image is basically an illustrated image that can be re-sized infinitely without losing any quality. Illustrations are another type of image you can use on your website. especially for things like logos and icons. Again, with this being a high end professional piece of software it does have a hefty price tag. Check below for some free alternatives.

Check it out:


Gimp stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”. Gimp is an alternative to Adobe Photoshop that will allow you to easily prepare and edit images for your Weebly Website. It does take a little getting used to if you’ve never used it before, but the basic functions like resizing, cropping and basic editing can be picked up pretty easily. There is also an endless amount of tutorials on how to do pretty much anything you want to.

The best thing about Gimp is, it’s absolutely free. This is our star pick of all the software, and we use it regularly.

Check it out:


Inkscape is a Free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It is a very powerful tool, and can be used to create and edit illustrations. If you do want to have a go at creating your own logo, or illustrated graphic for your site, Inkscape is a good place to start. there is a great online community and lots of tutorials on how to use the program.

Check it out:

Online Tools

So… we’ve spoken about the tools you can buy or download onto your computer for free to help you prepare your images for Weebly. However, if you don’t have time to learn the software or don’t need to do anything other than the basic image preparation, there are some really great tools on the internet that will help you resize, crop, optimize and prepare images for your Weebly website.

We’ve handpicked some of the tools we like to use:

  • – This is a lightweight but great tool for preparing images for your Weebly website in a few clicks. They also allow you to download a version and install it on your computer for free.
  • – This nifty little site lets you crop your images in the browser, then resize them and add some cool effects. You can also save your files in a range of different formats.
  • – There are hundreds of different file formats. You may want to use a special format for some reason or have got an image in a certain format that you want to change for your Weebly website. This site gives you access to lots of tools that allow you to convert images from and to pretty much every format you can think of.
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