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I am a first time user of Webfire Themes and I have to say, the whole experience was excellent. The templates are built very well and are extremely adaptable for a newbie. For the things I could not figure out on my own the customer service was extremely helpful and quickly responsive. I will most certainly use Webfire Themes again in the future.
Mike Fritz

From installation of the template to editing and customizing the template, the instructions provided by Webfire Themes were straight forward, and easy to follow. Asking for help was also straightforward, and I have received a lot of help from the support team every step of the way. The support provided by the team has been extremely useful (with great response times) and I don't know what I would have done without it!
Tejo Devireddi

I recently purchased Holeon Light and had a few minor issues from the outset more because of my inexperience than about the template. I have to give credit where credit it due to support, especially Joe, as his answers were both concise and prompt. I would definitely recommend this template and Webfire Themes in general as my site now looks great! Thanks guys!
Mark Cramer

Webfire Themes is amazing! Their template is so clean and sleek, and mobile responsive. They are extremely helpful if you have a question and will get back to you quickly. The template was easy to customize, instructions were clear, and everything turned out perfectly. Great job guys!
David Winston

This was my first time working with the support team at Webfire Themes and they knocked my socks off. I’m a designer with coding experience and my template change needs were extensive. Whenever I hit a personal knowledge wall, LeeRoy and Joe were at the ready with on-point instructions on how to do what I needed—and we’re talking more than a few question. The support team here goes above and beyond, especially considering the comparatively low pricing of their templates. They’re also patient, kind, and easy to work with, which is a rare combination. I feel lucky to have found Webfire and would recommend them to anyone; from the novice to the experienced designer, they’ve got your back.
Vanessa Gonzales

I've purchased dozens of templates from different companies, but I continue to favor Webfire Themes because they have awesome customer support and the way in which they code their websites makes it easier to customize. I've been able to make some amazing websites with their themes. Thank you Webfire Themes!

Webfire Themes Testimonial
I can't say enough about the quality of Webfire Themes. The Optima design was the perfect choice for our nonprofit organization and easily customized to make it "our own". The WIDG took was easy to operate and the more you use it, the faster it gets. But what really made our website design enjoyable was the customer service we received from Webfire Themes. Our questions were answered promptly and we never need a follow-up or further explanation on a specific issue. Business is built on relationships, I will definitely be using Webfire Themes again as they exceeded my expectations 10-fold and took our website to the next level! I highly recommend the templates as I will be building more sites in the very near future.
Travis Justice

I'm a loyal Customer of Webfire and hit some small customization issue on one of their Themes. Support from Webfire was simply awesome, hyper responsive and doing the extra mile.

After trying some other third party themes and templates, I was somewhat nervous about purchasing the Webfire theme... But I was really taken by the Optima theme for two new websites I am launching. I went ahead and purchased the license to use it on multiple websites and I am so glad I did. I am simply thrilled with the ease of use and the quality of the design as well all the elements available in the theme, it really takes Weebly to a whole new level of design. And the widget designer is fantastic. The other real plus and one that has me totally sold on Webfire Themes as a company, is the customer support I have received to help me with my many initial questions. I am only just starting to build these new websites, and certainly still learning my way around the Optima theme, but I could not be happier with the whole experience!
Larry Silverberg
True Acting Institute

I Purchased the Exception theme and installed it without issue. Took a little time to learn to use the widgets and am happy with the result. Someone mentioned that the font inside the comment boxes in one of my forms was too light for them to see what they were typing and asked if I could fix that. Since I knew the theme had impacted the original forms, I asked webfire themes for help and got great and very quick customer service. They helped me solve my problem and everything is working perfectly. Thanks!

I have worked extensively with Lee, Joe and the entire Webfire team over the the last couple of months.  They helped me to get my website designed and looking just the way I wanted the site to look.  The Webfire team has been there every step of the way helping me get unstuck and moving forward every time I hit a snag. I wanted to thank them so much for all the help they have given my with my site! I would not have achieved the desired results without the entire Webfire team!!!
Brian Glover

Webfire Themes Testimonial
Our company's website needed a modern look and more dynamic design, especially given the increasing significance of multimedia web-visitors (mobile, tablet, etc). The decision to work with Webfire Themes on this has proven to be a great one. The themes themselves are fantastic (we chose Optima), but the support provided has been absolutely outstanding. This has been particularly welcome given we are a small company with basically zero HTML-writing experience.   We have been able to achieve the look and performance we were looking, doing the majority ourselves through Weebly, but with the comfort of having experts at hand whenever we needed it (which was quite often!). But even more importantly, the website has been able to achieve better SEO ratings due to long term improvements in key Analytics performance indicators.  We are very grateful for all your excellent support and assistance. Needless to say, I can recommend Webfire Themes to anyone considering a similar type of face-lift for their Weebly-produced website. Warm regards and best wishes for a successful 2016,
Luke Nightingale

Webfire Themes Testimonial
Awesome customer service! I started with the parallax theme, and of course had issues due to my lack of knowledge about putting together a website. The team at Webfire have totally resolved all my issues and are super helpful. Since then I have purchased another theme and am working with both themes for different clients. Highly Recommendable.
Victor Candela Jr

Webfire Themes Testimonial
I purchased Optima and found the site so much more professional looking than the standard weebly templates. I had a few issues especially with the mobile version and the support team were excellent. Their responses were generally within 24 hours and hit the nail on the head every time. I'm now extremely happy with both the desktop and mobile versions. Fair play to you guys and thanks a million.
Gavin McHugh

I have used this awesome team for a couple of my websites.  Not only are they super responsive, but they also take the time really help you.  After experiences with other template makers, the outside competition doesn't even come close to matching what Webfire Themes has to offer.
Dylan Smith

AMAZING support staff!! Not only are they extremely prompt in handling issues, but are very patient in working with you to assure you are completely satisfied with your template and site. With their assistance, I have been able to make my portfolio come to life just as I envisioned it!! I am also very pleased with their Widget Generator. Makes the web design process much more manageable for those who are not web designers. I am more than satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them.
Daisy Sanchez

Thanks you for great customer service, always a quick response and everything was explained perfectly. This allowed me to fine tune and customise the Holeon template giving me the site I wanted. Thank you Webfire team for your patience and understanding, I will recommend you to others that are thinking of a Weebly site.

The team at Webfire Themes helped me get our theme up and running for nathandemetz.com. I purchased the Parallax theme for our Weebly site through Mojo Marketplace. There were compatibility issues due to the hosting service we use. We ran into two individual issues and placed two separate support tickets, to which we received help from two different people. Each person solved our issue quickly and easily, one even going so far as to work on our site directly. The site is up and running correctly now. While we do not need any other themes at this time, if in the future we do, we will likely purchase again from Webfire Themes.
Nathan DeMetz

I have built a number of sites on Weebly, but there were mostly for personal usage. When I was looking to build a corporate landing page I wanted something with a bit more glitz to it and found Webfire Themes. I was a bit hesitant at first as I know just enough about coding to mess stuff up on my own; but I decided to give them a shot. I have been absolutely impressed and grateful for the service and response time so far. In a matter of a few days I have been able to put together the crux of a great site using the parallax theme. I have hit a few roadblocks along the way; but each time the staff at Webfirethemes has walked me through how to get things working. I would highly recommend these themes from anyone looking for simple yet sleek design!
Jim Arnold

Can i just say that i’m Mind-blown of your knowledge, your service, and the fact that in those few little days left in 2015, you achieved to become my person of the year! No Joke, i am really surprised!!! I can only say, keep up this service, because that makes u unique, and i will spread the word how good Webfire Themes is, i will even make a little text about it on my own private Graphic Design Portfolio website, thank you very much…
Kennt Corthals

Webfire Themes Testimonials
Guys, you are fabulous! Webfire themes have shed new light on designing in Weebly for me, and with first class customer service, my experience has been superb - and no crabbiness for customisation that us designers love to do for our clients to create bespoke websites! An absolute pleasure to work with and look forward to doing it all over again soon, as I will definitely be using Webfire Themes again! Thank you!
Trudie Burne

I love the Holeon theme but even more, I really appreciate Joe Roberts on the support team! He was of great help to me over the course of a week as I tried to customize my site. He was prompt in his responses, aided me with every question/concern that I had and corrected code to fit what I was trying to do. Other than that, the instructions pages are really helpful when trying to customize your site and I feel that this theme works perfectly for me as a portfolio. Although I don't need the blog portion as of now, it's a nice feature to have in case I decide to use it at a later time.
Alisha Evans

I love the template, it's everything I hoped for.. except for the free clip on beard.. where's mine? The widget code generator is a superb, stroke of genius. Even though you have put in all the blood sweat, late nights and tears, I actually feel like I'm making my own website with total control over what I want. I love it! Thank you so much! Love the fact that you have the detail too, e.g size of the photos. I am researching this at the moment and am playing with a generator called web resizer. I have made a very similar site to the one in the video to get the hang of the ropes and as I'm exploring it I will tweak it more and more to personalise it. Personal confession, I have tried on and off for over a year to make a site, failing again and again. This time I told myself that if I didn't manage it this time, I would retire somewhat early and take up knitting socks.. It's a gorgeous template, I'm sooo happy with it!I feel like I'm on a website magic carpet ride after being frustrated for so long! Huge thank you to you and your team! Shirli X
Shirli Reeve
Little Big Photography

WOW! Talk about awesome support! I emailed these guys with a couple questions, and within the hour was contacted by Joe with explicit directions regarding how to fix what I needed.  No need to listen to hold music while waiting for an operator, no waiting and wondering if they got my request, and most importantly, no delays for my client! From the time of purchase, to the installation of the new theme, to the follow-up support, this was an AWESOME buying experience for me as a customer. I have purchased themes from other vendors where the process was pitiful.  There were difficult installations, bugs in the theme, and other issues. With Webfire Themes, it was a totally different experience. GREAT ALL AROUND. Will definitely purchase again from this company!
Amiee Ball

Thank you Webfire Themes!! As a Signmaker by trade I had very little prior experience in building a website. I purchased the Parallax Dark Custom Weebly template from Webfire Themes and I found it extremely easy to import into Weebly and edit the way I wanted it. I definitely had a few questions along the way but the support team at Webfire Themes was there (very patiently, I might add) to answer any and all queries that arose. Thanks to Webfire Themes and a weekend spent in front of my laptop I now have a website that cost me very little but looks like it cost a fortune. Amazing guys, very pleased!!
David Foster

wifi-stmk, testimonial, Bettina weitenthaler
I just want to say: "Thank you" for your beautiful themes. I purchased several themes to create sites for my customers and I will be using your themes in the future. Webfire makes me as a designer and my customers very happy 🙂 And the best of all: The support ist excellent! I got a response and my questions answered within a few hours.
Bettina Weitenthaler

Webfire Themes provided exceptional customer service and support. Your service is truly appreciated!
Natasha Campbell
Lifestyle Success Unlimited

silver bullets webfire themes testimonial
Webfire themes has been, by far, one of the best places I have ever bought a weebly template from. Being a big fan of weebly, my team and I are constantly buying new templates for our F1 in Schools website. Webfire themes is one of our main places to go. Once we encountered an issue, the problem was solved within a few hours and their support is extremely good and quick. Thanks Webfire!
Ahmed Khan

I have used the Inspire template for my business website. Being new to weebly I found the theme extremely intuitive and easy to use. The content ready pages helped me build my home page really quickly and the interactive helper boxes are an amazing way to deliver instructions (especially to a newbie). If I ever need to build a new website, the first place I’ll visit is Webfire.
Helen Lloyd
Founder - Choice Voices

Clint Cupido webfire themes testimonial
Thanks once again for your help, I'm still coming to terms with the high level of customer service I am receiving from you guys. I am amazed by how you've managed to manipulate the contact form and override the standard Weebly settings.
Clint Cupido
Pro Sure - South Africa

I wanted to say thanks to Webfire for creating an outstanding one page parallax template for Weebly, everything is included to create a great site.Not only is the template beautifully designed, some additional help needed to get me up to speed was handled wonderfully by the owner himself.I can highly…
Kevin Moldenhauer

aron johnston webfire themes testimonial
I have all the webfire themes, if you use Weebly you need a webfire theme, nothing else matches, great customer service, support and themes. I love all the extra widgets you get with them....keep the themes coming!
Aron Johnston
CEO - uMarketeers

mike stewart webfire themes testimonial
Having an interactive website is a definite advantage when it comes to impressing your visitors and keeping them on your website longer. We all like good looking websites – it’s vain, but true – and 'Webfire Themes' can help you achieve this. With the most outstanding support and knowledge to back this up, it's a no brainer when choosing a powerful template from the many different companies that offer this. I Guarantee you will be impressed and I will be back
Mike Swart

I just wanted to say thank you for your awesome themes. I purchased the Adjust theme to create my new website. I will be using your themes in the future. And if you don’t mind the “religious” farewell, God bless for your website redesign!
Lazarus Adler

Thank you so much for your hard work, great template and fast feed back!
Caleb Grimes

Hey Webfire, just wanted to let you know that I have been so SUPER impressed with not only your amazing customer service, but also your responsive Adjust template. Absolutely heads and shoulders above your competition. The theme has so many possibilities and is so polished.
Nicole Smith

Webfire Themes was awesome. They were responsive and provided great instructions to implement custom code to ensure my site would function the way I envisioned. Thank you! GREAT TEMPLATES AND WIDGETS!
Billy Doherty
Web Designer

charles heitz webfire themes testimonial
The support team at Webfire Themes is AMAZING! We experienced an issue on a newer template they provided and they went well above and beyond what is normally experienced. Kudos to you for a job well done.
Charles Heitz

caskey beats webifre themes testimonials
Webfire not only provides a canvas for web creators, but also gives a technical support team to back you up on your mission. Upload, tweak and publish a winning website with the tools needed that you can be proud showing off. No matter what project I am working on, I remain having backend support with my creations, all thanks to Webfire!
Caskey Beats

Super fast and effective support provided - thanks Webfire!
Manager - Career Wise


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