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17th November 2016 - By 

The Webfire Themes team just wanted to give you an update on what we’ve been up to recently, and what to expect in the coming months.

Weebly 4 Theme Updates & New Releases.

So… It’s been a busy few months in the office, as promised in one of our latest Blog posts, we are working to update all of our themes to be Weebly 4 compatible, ensuring they all have the relevant updates to make them work with the latest Weebly 4 features.

Including Custom headers, Weebly Sections and additional styling for the new Store features.

Well, we’re nearly at the point where we can say We’re 100% up to date with Weebly 4. In the process we’ve made some drastic changes, including the release of Optima 2 which is a completely revamped version of one of our best ever themes Optima.

The following themes are now 100% compatible with Weebly 4:

Within the next week or so, Dezine will be fully up to date, along with a bit of a face lift to make it more appealing to a larger audience.


New Themes in the pipeline

We’ve also got two new themes in the pipeline:

  • Restaurant – A feature packed theme designed for the restaurant/bar industry.
  • Gym-Sports – A lightweight, sleek and sexy Weebly Theme perfect for the fitness industry.

They are currently being put on ice for a little bit, while we work on getting our existing themes up to date, as well as the next big project…

Brand New Webfire Themes Website

Since the release of Weebly 4, and all the great new functionality available in the Store, we’re building a brand new website for Webfire Themes. We’re still planning things out, but if all goes as we hope it to, it is going to make life a lot simpler, for us and our customers.

Integrating everything into Weebly rather than using third party plugins to manage certain aspects of our site. This means you’ll be able to do everything from the same place, from access instructions, read our knowledge base and even log tickets with us.

As usual, special thanks to all of our customers for supporting Webfire Themes, and just being the great customers you are.

Here is a little sneak preview sssshhhhh! 😉


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