Weebly Sections Now Enabled – Awesome Hey?

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Weebly Sections Enabled on Templates from Webfire Themes

So.. A few weeks back we released our first themes to use the new Weebly Sections feature, but because Weebly hadn’t rolled this out to their own themes at this point we didn’t make a big song and dance of it.

However, you’ll be glad to know. Weebly have now fully rolled out Weebly Sections, along with a load of other new features and coined it “Weebly4”

What are Weebly Sections?

If you weren’t already aware, this new feature lets you drag and drop entirely new sections into your page, then drag content into that section, give it a background image, give it a solid color and even give it a video background


Weebly sections are going to be a revolution in the way we develop new themes, they open up so many doors and will give the ablity to create websites that really go to the next level… Our themes will be more lightweight and these new features allow us to deliver the amazing custom functionality that you love in a much better way.

So far, the following Premium Weebly Themes designed by Webfire Themes are setup to work with Sections:


Parallax Multi

Parallax Dark


Holeon Light

We will be spending the next few months updating new themes as well as designing a brand new theme for you “Kudos” which will take full advantage of the new features in Weebly4

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  • This looks awesome! My website had a video background from here – http://www.videobackgroundwebsite.com/ – but I had to pay for it.
    Now I’ll definitely will try out Weebly. Is it too difficult for a person who isn’t good at web development to work with Weebly?

    • Hi Justin

      Thanks for your feedback

      Weebly is really easy to use, and with these new features it’s a really good tool for building your own site. All of our themes have dedicated instructions websites and our support is really helpful too.

      If you have any questions about our themes, feel free to ask.


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